Life saving Features

A single minute is important, you dont have to waste it looking for emergency services through newspapers or internet. everything is just a few taps away

  • Get an Ambulance

    Call an ambulance near you

  • Find a blood donor

    Connect to a willing blood donor in your area

  • Donate blood

    Willing blood donor? Let others find you in case of emergency need of blood

  • Easy to Use

    Zero hours is very easy to use and all your emergency needs can be found by only a few taps

iPhone mockup
  • Get a hearse car

    Call a hearse car nearby

  • Get notified

    Need blood but can't find a match? We help you find it and send you notification when your matching type is found

  • Emergency contacts

    We host an array of emergency contact numbers, from 24hrs medicine shop to oxygen all listed in a single tap

  • 24/7 Support

    In case of any assistance our support team is there to help you

Pricing Plans

Zerohour is absolutely free .We dont charge for our assistance and take no commission from any service provider. We are here just happy to help you in your emergency hour

App Screenshots

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Download App

Its a very small app taking only 3Mb of space but might be the HERO of all Apps in your device someday in your emergency hour

Clients Feedback

Check out what real time user who benefited from Zerohour have to say

Mrs Pragati Sengupta


My father fell from stairs and was severely injured it was Sunday and we were desperately looking for an ambulance, we already lost some time searching for ambulance when someone showed me Zerohour, the ambulance was there in 10 minutes.I will say everyone to keep this app in their mobile, even that its not needed for everyday use but someday it can be Useful

Sandeep Sharma

IT worker

Me and my friend met accident while returning from office, stranded in middle of the road I was clueless as my friend suffered the most,at that moment zerohour came like a boon.I got an ambulance in matter of minutes and my friend was saved.

Mr Rajesh Jaiswal

Retired govt worker

My Son lives abroad, zerohour helped me when my wife had an cerebral attack. with no one to turn up for help I used Zerohour app

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